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Skewed Culvert


With limited guidance in existing design standards, the culvert manufacturer was struggling to efficiently design headwalls for their metal culverts skewed relative to the road. SGH implemented a design procedure allowing them to quickly analyze a range of conditions.

SGH developed an automated design procedure for skewed headwalls at metal culverts. We adapted the design methodology from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials guidelines fully accounting for all forces on the headwall. To make the design procedure useful for future applications, we generalized the calculation to apply to any culvert length, section shape, cover height, skew angle, or surface gradient.

With our design procedure, the manufacturer can design skewed structures more accurately and simply, reducing cost and allowing them to use their culverts at more project sites.

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Jesse Beaver
Jesse Beaver
Head of Engineering Mechanics and Infrastructure
Andrew  Sarawit
Andrew Sarawit
Associate Principal