Seattle, WA

Seattle Heights


Seattle Heights is a twenty-six-story condominium building with four levels of below-grade parking. Shorty after construction, occupants experienced water leakage, excessive air infiltration, and apparent mold growth. SGH investigated causes and consequences of the building’s problems and designed repairs.

The condominium building features an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) facade with aluminum-framed windows and sliding glass doors opening onto private balconies. Three landscaped, terraced roofs cover residential units at the lower floors. Our building enclosure investigation included:

  • Using water testing and making observations at exploratory openings to determine leakage paths
  • Identifying defects in the design and construction of the windows, doors, balconies, and EIFS cladding
  • Assisting homeowners throughout the litigation process to recover costs for repairing construction defects
  • Preparing construction documents for the building enclosure repairs, including replacing terraced roofs, installing new windows and doors, integrating new window and balcony deck flashing with a drainable, double-sealant joint system
  • Monitoring the contractors’ performance during the work

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Eric Olson