Puerto Armuelles, Panama

Petroterminal de Panama Platform Replacement


In 2020, a 300,000 DWT oil tanker collided with and damaged one of the fuel loading platforms at the Petroterminal de Panama (PTP), one of the largest refined fuel importers in Panama. The terminal undertook a project to demolish the impacted pile-supported platform at Berth 2. Working with the designer of the loading platform’s replacement, SGH provided specialized structural engineering services for the design-build project.

The replacement platform is supported on 48 in. dia. plumb steel pipe piles. SGH assisted the with the loading platform design and the analysis of new 12 in., 24 in., and 36 in. dia. pipelines. Highlights of our work include:

  • Reviewing the basis of design for new loading platform
  • Helping refine the seismic design criteria and developing seismic response spectra
  • Reviewing loading platform structural models and analyses, including the seismic design
  • Providing a pipeline and anchorage layout to accommodate seismic demands imposed on the pipelines
  • Evaluating thermal and operating loads on pipelines without loops

Our independent review allowed the design team verify the adequacy of the platform design, specifically when subject to seismic loading, and confirm that the structure’s behavior during a potential seismic event would not impose damaging loads on future pipelines.

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Carlos Ospina
Carlos Ospina