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One Steeplechase is a five-story office building completed in 1988. SGH performed a due diligence survey for UBS, who was considering purchasing the building. We identified significant leakage at and around ribbon windows and through the EIFS cladding, which resulted in damage to steel studs and wall sheathing. After UBS purchased the property, they retained SGH to design building enclosure repairs.

SGH conducted a condition assessment of the building enclosure to document existing conditions and evidence of water leakage to help inform our repair design. We conducted our investigation while the building was fully occupied and developed a rehabilitation program that could be implemented while the building remained occupied.

The remedial work included the following items:

  • Replacement of terrace waterproofing that exceeded its useful life and associated concrete repairs caused by chronic water penetration at curbs and transitions
  • Rehabilitation of ribbon windows by wet-sealing existing glazing and installing silicone boots to address leakage through the existing curtain wall and ribbon window assemblies
  • Replacement of fogged/damaged glazing units in the curtain wall
  • Replacement of existing barrier EIFS with drainable EIFS that revitalized the exterior appearance and included new backup waterproofing with flashings at window heads and sills to protect the interior from water leakage
  • Repair and replacement of water-damaged steel studs and installation of new batt insulation and sheathing
  • Reclad of the vestibule with stainless steel metal panels for updated appearance at front of building
  • Refinishing of stucco over concrete masonry walls to address water infiltration through building walls near grade

To minimize the impact on building occupants, noisy work was restricted to off hours and the building interior was monitored for air quality during mockup and demolition work. The project was completed ahead of schedule and at budget.

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