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MTA South Ferry Terminal


SGH served as a special consultant to Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Capital Construction to help them with concrete and waterproofing issues at their facilities. As part of our work, SGH investigated widespread cracking and water leakage during construction of the South Ferry Station in Lower Manhattan and its associated running tunnels.

SGH conducted a field investigation and highlights include the following:

  • Documented crack patterns
  • Observed ongoing waterproofing installation and grout injection of cracks
  • Performed nondestructive testing, including ground-penetrating radar, to determine the location and depth of reinforcing steel

We advised MTA about issues with the waterproofing installation and assisted them in evaluating remedial options and waterproofing alternates.

SGH determined the causes of the cracking and helped MTA understand ways to avoid issues contributing to the cracking. Our work also involved developing a model to predict the likelihood of success of the ongoing crack mitigation methods and the service life of the cracked concrete structure.

A large claim developed over the cost of grouting repairs comprising 40,000 lf of cracks and joints. SGH provided expert testimony to the project’s Dispute Resolution Board that was tasked with apportioning responsibility for the costs.

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Paul Kelley
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