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After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the City of Miami closed the Miami Marine Stadium because of safety concerns. The building remained unused for seventeen years and continued to suffer exposure to weather and coastal chlorides. Eventually, the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium conducted a national search for an engineering firm to determine requirements and costs for structural repairs. They selected SGH based on our experience with the structure and our expertise in preservation technology, assessment and repair of concrete structures, and structural analysis.

Designed by Hilario Candela, the building opened in 1963. Its distinctive roof consists of eight hyperbolic paraboloid shells that cantilever more than 60 ft beyond interior columns.

Following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, SGH:

  • Worked with the City’s insurance carrier to investigate the extent and cause of damage
  • Determined the age of the cracks and properties of the concrete through microscopic and petrographic examination of samples
  • Checked the magnitude of stress under normal and storm conditions using finite element analyses

To support the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium’s preservation efforts in 2009, we:

  • Conducted condition surveys of structural components
  • Evaluated geotechnical and structural capacities of the piles
  • Performed concrete petrographic analyses, chloride content testing, and carbonation testing in our in-house laboratory
  • Concluded that rehabilitation was technically feasible and developed conceptual repair details repair
  • Estimated the cost of concrete and pile repairs, and protection measures

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