Medford, MA

Medford High School Pool


The swimming pool at Medford High School was constructed in 1970 and exhibited spalling, staining, leakage, and exposed corroded reinforcing bars on the underside of the pool deck; corrosion of the pool piping and pump components; and staining of the pool’s deck and wall tiles. SGH assessed the condition of the pool to help Medford High School budget for repairs and subsequently developed and oversaw a rehabilitation program.

SGH evaluated the condition of the concrete pool deck and walls, locker rooms, and the water circulation systems at the pool. We performed a delamination and corrosion survey of the pool decks and walls using destructive and nondestructive methods, including half-cell, impact echo, ultrasonic thickness testing, hammer sounding, and ground penetrating radar. We collected extracted concrete core samples for laboratory testing and petrographic examinations to look for deleterious materials, such as chlorides and carbonation, and observe the general condition of the concrete.

SGH informed the school that the pool deck and outer wall were deteriorated due to chloride contamination and recommended temporarily shoring the deck until long-term repairs could be implemented. We designed concrete repairs for the pool, including removing and replacing the existing deteriorated pool deck, repairing walls and columns in localized areas, and epoxy injecting existing cracks in the pool wall to mitigate leakage. SGH also coordinated replacing the water circulation system as part of the rehabilitation project.

Our construction documents included estimated repair quantities used to solicit contractor bids. We also performed construction administration services, including reviewing contractor submittals, observing concrete repair preparation and construction to compare with the design intent, and helping resolve unforeseen field conditions.

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Repair & Rehabilitation
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Matthew Sherman
Matthew Sherman
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Paul Kelley
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