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Logan International Airport, West Parking, Controlled Demolition of Post-tensioned Concrete Garage and Slab


A portion of the West Parking Garage fifth floor was cast on a snowy day. When the forms were stripped, contractor observed cracks and ice-filled voids in the slab. The owner and contractor needed to know if the 20,000 sq ft deck could be repaired or should be replaced.

SGH evaluated the 120 ft by 166 ft deck that consisted of a 7 in. thick, post-tensioned slab with post-tensioned beams and girders. We found a loss of slab finish and indications of structural damage, including voids between column tops and slab and voids extending over tendons.

SGH examined two options, concrete repair or complete slab removal and replacement, and evaluated cost advantages, quality, and maintenance limitations over time. The contractor elected to replace the slab in order to provide better reliability despite the fact that it was the more expense repair option.

We helped the contractor address detensioning, shoring, crane capacity limitations, demolition sequencing, rigging equipment design, integration with the existing facility, and managing risk and safety.

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Paul Kelley
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