Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho National Laboratory, Advanced Test Reactor, Diesel Generator for Deep Well No. 4


Deep Well No. 4 provides make-up water to the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) in the event of a seismic-induced loss-of-coolant accident. A new diesel generator system was required to supply backup power to Deep Well No. 4. The associated structures, systems, and components (SSCs) for the new installation include the diesel generator and its enclosure, diesel fuel tank, transformer, switchgear, electrical cabling and duct bank, and motor control center. SGH performed a seismic qualification of the generator and the SSCs per Performance Category 4 (PC-4) seismic criteria.

SGH implemented seismic qualification methods and procedures consistent with DOE-STD-1020 requirements. In this project, we:

  • Seismically qualified the diesel generator, fuel tank, transformer, switchgear, and motor control center following the experience-based procedures of DOE/EH-0545
  • Reviewed anchorage designs for compliance with ACI 349
  • Performed additional analysis of the fuel tank to address features that are outside of DOE/EH-0545 procedures
  • Determined seismic response of the diesel generator enclosure by dynamic analysis and also quantified element capacities in accordance with AISI S100
  • Seismically qualified the electrical duct bank by analysis following BNL-52361 procedures
  • Provided recommendations to address conditions that did not satisfy PC-4 criteria

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Philip Hashimoto
Philip Hashimoto
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