Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho National Laboratory, Advanced Test Reactor Building TRA-676


The Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) supports research and testing of materials for use in large-scale and prototype reactors. Building TRA-676 is a 53 ft x 40 ft pre-engineered metal building designed in the 1980s and located adjacent to the reactor building. A portion of the building sits on a 57 ft x 14 ft x 20 ft deep pit enclosure. As part of the ATR Life Extension Project, Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA) considered installing batteries inside this structure to provide backup power to the reactor. SGH evaluated TRA-676 and designed strengthening for both TRA-676 and the pit.

For this project, SGH performed a structural evaluation and designed the upgrade for TRA-676 for Performance Category 4 (PC-4) compliance. We designed upgrades that include new:

  • Steel columns and foundations below midspan of existing girders
  • Roof and wall decking to establish a reliable lateral load path
  • Roof purlins and bracing
  • Wall girts, as well as strengthened wall girts
  • PC-4 missile resistant roof system, wall system, and exterior doors
  • Bracing for below grade pit walls
  • Cold-formed steel demising walls

SGH also designed exterior weatherproofing, including a PVC roof membrane and EIFS wall cladding, and internal fire separation and protection.

We prepared calculations, design drawings, and specifications and delivered a formal onsite presentation to our client and BEA reviewers.

Project Summary

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