Tioga, ND

Hess Corporation Tioga Office Complex


Constructed in 2009, the Tioga Office Complex is the administrative hub for Hess Corporation’s Bakken Oil Field operations. After occupying the complex, Hess personnel observed water leakage in the office building and dining facility. SGH investigated the cause of leakage and recommended options for repairs.

SGH visited the complex to document the existing configuration, perform water infiltration testing to identify leakage paths, and observed concealed conditions at exploratory openings in the roofs and ceilings. We determined leakage primarily occurred at the penthouse walls rising above the structural, standing seam, metal roofing. We also documented leakage at other locations, such as valleys and ridges, where multiple pieces of metal roofing intersect.


During our investigation, SGH observed the existing roofing construction lacked proper detailing to prevent thermal bridging and limit air and vapor exfiltration. We concluded that some of the leaks Hess reported during the winter months were due to warm interior air exfiltrating through the roof assembly and condensing on colder surfaces.


SGH developed conceptual repair options ranging from performing localized repairs to replacing the entire roofing system. We provided Hess Corporation with advantages and disadvantages for each option to help them in planning for future work at the building.

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Peter Babaian
Peter Babaian
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