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The oldest portion of Haverford College’s main library was constructed in 1864 and together with an 1898 addition is known as the Heritage Building. Subsequent additions were added to the stone masonry building in 1912 (the Quaker and Special Collections Building), 1941, and 1967-69. Looking to expand and modernize their library services, the college undertook a major renovation project and constructed a new addition. As the historic building enclosure consultant, SGH investigated, designed, and provided construction administration services for repairing the Heritage and Quaker and Special Collections Buildings’ exterior stone masonry walls, windows, and roofing.

SGH investigated the condition of the above-grade portions of the building enclosures. We performed visual surveys from the interior and exterior, conducted water testing to identify leakage paths, and made observations at exploratory openings in the slate and membrane roofing systems.

We recommended repairs and worked with the architect and college to prioritize the work to meet their budget. SGH developed a building enclosure rehabilitation program, including replacing a portion of the slate roofing and repairing masonry, wood windows, and membrane roofing.

SGH provided construction administration services, including reviewing contractor submittals, visiting the site to review mockups and observe the work, and collaborating with the construction team to evaluate unforeseen conditions and provide direction on repairs.

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Perry Dean Rogers | Partners Architects
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Matthew Bronski
Matthew Bronski
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Katherine Wissink
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