Grinnell, IA

Grinnell College, Athletic and Fitness Center


For the new Athletic and Fitness Center at Grinnell College, the design team needed to address the combination of high internal temperature and humidity of the natatorium set in a cold climate.  To minimize problems, such as staining, icicle formations, corrosion and microbial growth, SGH reviewed designs and recommended modifications to improve the performance of vapor retarders and air and thermal barriers, as well as to achieve continuity.

SGH’s work included the following:

  • Reviewed building enclosure design drawings and specifications for the steel-framed structures with brick veneer or metal panel cladding and low-slope membrane roofing
  • Determined the risk of condensation and moisture accumulation within proposed exterior walls and roof assemblies by analyzing heat and moisture migration
  • Evaluated the risk of condensation on interior surfaces using three-dimensional heat transfer analysis of steel outriggers penetrating the building enclosures to support canopy roofs
  • Recommended system components, integration options, and detailing of the exterior walls, curtain wall, plaza, below-grade walls, roof systems, and mechanical system control and operation
  • Detailed air barrier transitions at critical intersections between the walls and the roof with acoustic metal deck, between the walls and the curtain wall and doors, and at interior partitions that separate the natatorium from adjacent spaces
  • Observed construction for comparison with design intent

Project Summary



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New Construction
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Key team members

Vince Cammalleri
Vince Cammalleri
Building Technology Region Head, East
Jason Der Ananian
Jason Der Ananian
Associate Principal