Thousand Oaks, CA

Grant R. Brimhall Public Library


The Thousand Oaks Library, later named the Grant R. Brimhall Library in honor of the former city manager, features a sawtooth roof profile and clerestory ribbon windows. Despite previous repair attempts, the library had leaked since opening in 1982. SGH investigated leaks and developed repairs that fit within the building’s original architectural design.

SGH investigated leakage, performed water testing, and assessed the condition of the building enclosure comprising the standing seam metal and built-up roofs, clerestory windows, curtain walls, and exterior cladding.

Recognizing the architectural significance of the library, we developed repair options for the city’s consideration. SGH then developed a rehabilitation plan to address leakage and evaluated the repairs’ effect on the library’s appearance and function. Our remedial design addressed vulnerabilities in the roofing assemblies, curtain wall, building expansion joints, and cladding, while balancing reliability, ease of maintenance, and life cycle costs of alternative repair approach. We used LEED guidelines to help us evaluate environmental impact of the remedial design and material selection for this project.

SGH provided construction administration services, including field testing to verify performance, for the fourteen-month project, which was completed while the building remained in use and finished on time and on budget.

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Delbert Bern
Delbert Bern
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Stephen Ruggiero
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