Philadelphia, PA

Fuel Transfer Finger Pier


Located on the Delaware River, this marine oil terminal relies on a finger pier to support tanker loading and unloading. The aging pier exhibited degradation of its low-level timber deck and damaged timber piles, presenting a potential risk to terminal operations. SGH assisted the terminal operator by inspecting the structure and designing repairs for the pier, including retrofitting pipe rack supports to mitigate potential settlement due to sink holes, adding auxiliary piles to support the existing seawall, and replacing old timber fenders with cell-type fenders.

SGH reviewed inspection reports and concept designs by others, collaborated with the terminal operator to understand their operational goals, developed repair alternatives, and ultimately designed the repairs. Highlights of our work include:

  • Developed the basis of design for repairing the marine terminal
  • Helped the terminal operator obtain permits from local environmental agencies
  • Prepared land-based and marine-based repair alternatives for the terminal operator’s consideration
  • Opined on probable costs for both the land- and marine-based repairs
  • Performed berthing and mooring analyses
  • Evaluated the stability of the existing concrete seawall that runs along the pier
  • Explored various fender systems options
  • Prepared construction documents for the pier’s repairs
  • Provided bid- and construction-phase services

SGH helped the terminal operator by proposing efficient repair alternatives that met their performance goals and minimized terminal downtime during the work.

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Carlos Ospina

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