Kansas City, MO

Fountain View on the Plaza Garage


Fountain View on the Plaza in Kansas City includes two parking garages, Garage A and Garage B constructed in 1999. Garage A accommodates 406 cars and Garage B accommodates 248 cars. The garages are free-standing, four-story, open parking structures constructed of cast-in-place, post-tensioned, two-way, flat slabs supported on cast-in-place concrete columns with square column capitals. The original owner retained SGH to investigate the cause and structural implications of unusual cracking of the slabs. The subsequent owner retained SGH to design the remedial work.

SGH conducted a field investigation that included recording the types and extents of cracking and general deterioration, and determining the as-built location of reinforcement and as-built slab thicknesses using ground penetrating radar (GPR). We determined that design and construction deficiencies resulted in many areas of slab prone to cracking and unable to carry safely the code-prescribed design loads.

SGH prepared construction documents for remedial work to address strength deficiencies, repair deterioration and protect the concrete to slow ongoing deterioration. The strengthening program included the following:

  • Flexural strengthening using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) rods and laminates
  • Shear strengthening using cast-in-place concrete shear collars
  • Testing effectiveness of strengthening through full-scale load testing
  • Localized repair of spalled and delaminated concrete
  • Application of vehicular traffic bearing waterproofing
  • We provided construction administration services, including reviewing submittals and applications for payment, answering RFIs, observing the work for conformance with the design intent, and overseeing quality assurance testing.

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Dominic Kelly
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