Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Electronic Space Systems Corporation, Compact Range Reflector


The Electronic Space Systems Corporation and Georgia Tech Research Institute sought to construct a highly accurate compact range reflector at the U.S. Army Electronic Proving Ground that would maintain a surface accuracy of 0.007 in. rms under the harsh wind and thermal conditions of the high desert of southern Arizona. SGH designed the structure and consulted on lifting procedures for the 75 ft dia. offset parabolic reflector.

The structure comprises the following components:

  • A backstructure consisting of a rectilinear grid of steel trusses mounted on two legs and three backstays
  • 134 reflecting panels arranged in a fan-shaped pattern which radiate from the vertex of the paraboloid on the front of the structure
  • Panels mounted on radial stringers supported on inclined beams arranged in a chevron pattern for an efficient transition from the fan-shaped panels to the rectilinear backstructure
  • 192 serrated panels around the circumference of the surface that protrude beyond the perimeter of the backstructure
  • Louvers and insulated panels covering the rear and sides of the trusses to shield direct sun and permit free circulation of air through the structure

Highlights of SGH’s work on this project include the following:

  • Designed the reflector to be assembled in the horizontal position and aligned the panels in the horizontal orientation with allowances for structural deformations that would occur as the reflector was lifted by cranes to its near vertical final position
  • Designed all structural elements for final environmental loads
  • Designed special outriggers, braces, and pivoting joints to allow for the erection procedure

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