Durham, NC

Duke University, Craven and Crowell Quadrangles


Housing approximately 800 students, Craven and Crowell Quadrangles (Quads) make up a significant portion of Duke University’s West Campus Quads. The university determined the 1920s structures, each comprising multiple houses, required renovation. In advance of that work, SGH assessed the condition of Craven’s and Crowell’s building enclosures to advise the design team about anticipated repairs.

SGH investigated the condition of the buildings’ stone walls, steel-framed windows, and clay-tile roofs. Our investigation included air infiltration testing of typical rooms and steel windows to evaluate their performance, specifically considering the proposed installation of central air conditioning and a goal for improving the building’s thermal/air infiltration performance.

We advised the design team on the condition of the building enclosure and provided recommendations for their consideration during the upcoming renovation project.

Project Summary



Completion Date
Repair & Rehabilitation
Building Enclosures
Specialized Capabilities
Building Science | Condition Assessments

Key team members

Bradford Carpenter
Bradford Carpenter
Senior Principal
Nicholas Piteo
Nicholas Piteo
Associate Principal
Niklas Vigener
Niklas Vigener
Head of Building Technology