Manzanillo, Mexico

Contecon Manzanillo Post-earthquake Assessments


Following a 7.6 magnitude earthquake on 19 September 2022, SGH was retained by Contecon Manzanillo, S.A. de C.V. to evaluate damage observed in marine facilities and landside buildings at the container terminal. Our team visited the site to observe post-earthquake conditions, assessed the damage, and provided recommendations for repair/retrofit to help bring the terminal back into normal operation.

SGH surveyed the terminal’s marine infrastructure comprising three segments of steel pipe pile-supported wharves, two adjacent container yards, and fourteen buildings. Our investigation included the wharves’ surface features and above-water structural elements, piling, pilecaps and cut-off walls on the underside, a series of culvert structures, and pavement and utilities distress in the stacking and pre-trip areas of the container yards, as well as on fourteen buildings. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Reviewing field data and as-built drawings of marine structures and buildings
  • Visually assessing the structures and documenting the damage
  • Developing recommendations for further investigation
  • Proposing repair options for the most affected elements, including separated culvert segments behind the wharf and settled backreach areas of the marginal wharf with significant settlement
  • Summarizing our findings in a detailed report

Project Summary

Repair & Rehabilitation
Infrastructure & Transportation
Contecon Manzanillo, S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of International Container Services Inc. (ICTSI)
Specialized Capabilities
Seismic Engineering | Repair & Strengthening | Marine & Civil Works

Key team members

Carlos Ospina
Carlos Ospina
Alfredo Rivera
Alfredo Rivera
Senior Consulting Engineer