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Based on recommendations from The Private Schools Earthquake Safety Working Group, the Earthquake Safety Implementation Program (ESIP) for the City and County of San Francisco worked with the Mayor’s Office to introduce legislation requiring seismic assessments of select buildings in all of San Francisco’s private schools. This ordinance, which was signed into law by the Mayor on 1 October 2014, requires a life-safety level evaluation submitted to the Department of Building Inspection within three years of the ordinance’s effective date. The Archdiocese of San Francisco retained SGH, along with two other firms, to evaluate their schools.

SGH evaluated twenty-six buildings at twelve schools based on the methodology established in ASCE 41 – Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings for a Tier 1 Screening. The buildings included reinforced concrete, wood-framed, and steel-framed structures. We prepared Scoping Reports to determine which school buildings were subject to the ordinance, identified potential structural and non-structural deficiencies for each subject building, and prepared Evaluation Reports for submission to the City, as required by San Francisco Administrative Bulletin AB-109.

We provided a summary of our findings to the Archdiocese and made recommendations for their consideration. Although the ordinance only requires assessment and not remediation, the Archdiocese has retained SGH to complete detailed evaluations of those buildings with identified deficiencies and design preliminary seismic upgrades for the purpose of developing cost estimates for implementation.

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