Chicago, IL

Building Enclosure Condition Assessments for Schools


SGH helped several schools in the Chicago area by assessing the condition of their buildings’ enclosures and working with them to develop plans for future capital projects, maintenance, and repair work. Our evaluations encompass a wide range of wall, fenestration, and roofing systems.

SGH collaborated with the schools to learn about their existing buildings, past repair work, and their plans for future maintenance and projects. We evaluated the buildings’ enclosures and developed prioritized recommendations to meet their goals. Our building enclosure condition assessment services include the following:

  • Visually surveying the exterior enclosure from the ground and the interior to document existing conditions, including any existing damage or deterioration
  • Performing hands-on surveys using a variety of means, such as aerial lifts, suspended scaffolding, or industrial rope access
  • Making observations at exploratory openings and conducting nondestructive testing to help us understand concealed conditions
  • Performing water and air infiltration testing to determine existing leakage paths
  • Recommending and helping the schools prioritize repair needs
  • Developing conceptual repair options with cost estimates to assist in planning and budgeting
  • Preparing ongoing maintenance plans and designing repairs for capital improvements

Project Summary

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Key team members

Peter Babaian
Peter Babaian
Building Technology Division Head, Chicago