Alameda, CA

Alameda Marina Shoreline Redevelopment


Alameda Marina is a 530-berth marina with a 44-acre backland. Built through the 1940s through 1970s, the seawalls had exceeded their useful life and show varying signs of distress. As part of the waterfront mixed-use redevelopment, SGH assessed the seawalls’ condition and developed repair, retrofit, and replacement options to help protect the marina.

With 4000 ft of shoreline and varying site conditions, including abandoned dry docks, buried structures, and environmentally contaminated and hazardous soils, the marina required a multifaceted redevelopment approach. SGH conducted a condition assessment and evaluated each segment of the shoreline to assess its stability and earth retention. We developed repair, retrofit, and replacement options to protect the waterfront assets against earthquakes and storms, including sea-level rise. Highlights of our work include:

  • Inspected and classified the various segments of the shoreline based on deterioration
  • Evaluated the geo-structural slope stability, including the shoreline soil-structure analysis and the influence of adjacent foundations on the seawall systems
  • Designed below-grade and submerged structures for outfalls and temporary conditions
  • Helped obtain shoreline rehabilitation permits from regulatory authorities, including the City of Alameda, Army Corp of Engineers, and the San Francisco Bay Area Conservation and Development Commission
  • Developed a variety of solutions to protect slopes; improve soil conditions; and repair, strengthen, or replace existing walls
  • Coordinated with the developer and contractor to select the most cost-effective rehabilitation solution
  • Developed detailed construction sequencing for shoreline retrofits and replacements
  • Provided on-site construction support and inspection services for marine and subgrade work

Project Summary


2024 (anticipated)

Completion Date
New Construction | Repair & Rehabilitation
Infrastructure & Transportation
Pacific Development
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Temporary Construction | Marine & Civil Works

Key team members

Sam  Yao
Sam Yao
Senior Principal