Alameda, CA

Alameda Landing Wharf Rehabilitation


The wharf at Alameda Landing was originally built in the 1940s for the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Industrial Supply Center. Catellus Development Corporation undertook a project to redevelop the site. The project included creating a residential neighborhood and adapting the industrial wharf into a pedestrian promenade within the San Francisco Bay Trail. SGH served as engineer of record for the wharf rehabilitation.

SGH provided structural engineering services for the project from initial inspection through construction completion. Highlights of our work include:

  • Evaluated the condition of the wharf structure, including surveys from the water and underwater
  • Developed seismic design criteria and presented to the San Francisco Bay Conservation & Development Commission Engineering Criteria Review Board
  • Performed seismic analysis to assess the wharf’s structural adequacy under combined kinematic and inertial loads
  • Worked with a geotechnical engineer to develop deep soil mixing (DSM) ground improvements
  • Developed rehabilitation plans, including demolishing and repairing portions of the wharf and installing sheet pile retaining walls for fill and DSM
  • Consulted on the structural design for architectural features on the deck, shade structures, and the landing
  • Developed a seismic instrumentation plan
  • Provided construction support services through project completion

Project Summary



Completion Date
Repair & Rehabilitation
Infrastructure & Transportation
Catellus Development Corporation
Specialized Capabilities
Repair & Strengthening | Marine & Civil Works

Key team members

Gayle  Johnson
Gayle Johnson
Senior Principal
Julie  Galbraith
Julie Galbraith
Senior Project Manager