Columbus, GA

6th Avenue Flood Abatement


Bounded on three sides by rivers and creeks, the City of Columbus faced the potential of major flooding. Foley Products Company asked SGH to design precast concrete box culverts for stormwater management. The city’s long-term drainage plan implemented 8,350 lf of precast concrete box culverts in sizes ranging from 8 ft by 6 ft to 14 ft by 12 ft. SGH recommended a configuration that delivered the right hydraulic capacity while minimizing disruption to downtown Columbus.

Our work to support the contractor’s efforts included:

  • Design of precast concrete box culverts in accordance with ASTM and American Association of State
  • Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) standards
  • Evaluation of proposed nonstandard thin-walled box sections
  • Design of reinforcing steel to satisfy the design loads
  • Development of seven reinforcing designs for earth fill heights ranging from 2 ft to 12 ft
  • Delivery of stamped reinforcing designs for the culvert sections

Our efficient and cost-effective precast concrete box culvert designs:

  • Accommodated limitations of contractor’s on-site equipment and work areas
  • Facilitated installation with lifting pins for unloading largest boxes safely and easily
  • Supported just-in-time scheduling
  • Lowered weight without compromising strength:
    • Reduced thickness by 16-33%
    • Decreased weight of each section by 25%
    • Removed 5,000 lbs from standard designs

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Dominic Kelly
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