Melrose, MA

1000 Stone


Previously part of the Boston Rubber Shoe Company, the mill buildings at 1000 Stone Place date back to the late 1800s. Wood Partners wanted to redevelop the property as luxury apartments. The project included preserving the two mill buildings and constructing three new apartment buildings. SGH evaluated the existing timber floor and roof framing and recommended allowable design properties.

SGH visually graded timber beams, columns, roof truss members, and decking based on our observations of the wood characteristics, including checks, knots, and grain direction. As part of our grading assessment, we performed a microscopic examination on extracted wood samples to identify the species.


Using the guidelines in ASTM D245 – Standard Practice for Establishing Structural Grades and Related Allowable Properties for Visually Graded Lumber, SGH predicted the allowable stresses for the timber components for use by the structural engineer of record. We also provided the design team with recommendations for repairing decayed members and treating partially decayed and water-stained wood to prevent further degradation.


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Repair & Rehabilitation
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Key team members

Jeffry Ceruti
Jeffry Ceruti
Senior Principal
Jeffrey Langlois
Jeffrey Langlois
Senior Project Manager