Bang for Your Buck: Capital Allocation Based on Real-World Data

Bang for Your Buck: Capital Allocation Based on Real-World Data

Institutional Knowledge Seminar Series

With exponential advancements in technology and data collection, many institutional owners wonder: How can we better use our asset management and operational analytics to efficiently and effectively allocate resources? In response, a well-structured and user-friendly asset management data collection system can create strategic advantages in capital allocation, helping campus facility managers prioritize repairs and stretch limited budget resources. In this session, we will discuss these asset management data collection systems and share how project teams can decipher insights to help get the biggest bang for their prioritized buck.


After attending this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how institutional organizations use asset management systems to allocate capital.
  • Identify existing data sources currently captured in facility maintenance and repair projects.
  • Discuss types of asset management data collection systems for campus buildings.
  • Recognize how the data from these systems can help project teams prioritize projects and stretch limited budget resources.


Managing and Repairing Facilities in Washington, DC

For institutional owners and facilities managers with large portfolios of buildings, it can be a challenge to continuously maintain, inspect, prioritize, and repair campus structures. This is particularly the case in the Washington, DC, area, where owners often need to maintain monumental, mission-critical buildings. In this three-part educational series, experts from Simpson Gumpertz & Heger will share structural and building enclosure engineering perspectives to help institutions understand and overcome their facilities’ challenges. These sessions will be held in person on Thursday evenings throughout the fall, offering attendees both learning and networking opportunities at SGH’s Washington, DC, office.

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About the Speaker

Paul Kassabian
Paul Kassabian | Principal
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Paul Kassabian specializes in structural design and investigation on a wide range of structural systems, from buildings for architects to projects on the cutting edge of both structural systems and materials. He develops innovative methods of design and construction using SGH’s in-house Applied Science & Research Center, computational design approaches, and digital fabrication techniques. He is the practice leader of the SGH Digital Lab.

Christian Sjoberg
Christian Sjoberg | Senior Developer

Christian Sjoberg is team lead for the SGH Digital Lab, an in-house consulting team that creates custom data and geometry workflows to help solve engineering problems for SGH and its clients. He brings a background in architecture and software design to inform his work alongside engineers to develop project-specific computational workflows that leverage engineers’ domain expertise.