SGH investigates and assesses pipeline conditions, designs local pipe repairs and general pipeline rehabilitation, and provides construction administration. Our clients include utilities, water authorities, municipalities, contractors, engineers, manufacturers, and real estate developers.


Condition assessment and investigation services include:

  • Investigations of PCCP, concrete, steel, ductile iron, thermoplastic, and composite pipes
  • Internal and external inspection, nondestructive testing, corrosion and coating surveys, and laboratory testing
  • Mechanical testing, petrographic analysis, and metallurgical investigations
  • Structural, geotechnical, and hydraulic evaluations
  • Failure risk assessment of pipelines based on structural evaluation and nondestructive testing

Development of rehabilitation and repair schemes includes:

  • Evaluation of rehabilitation techniques based on condition assessments, optimization, and value engineering
  • Design and analysis of rehabilitation alternatives using applicable industry standards and finite element analysis
  • Rehabilitation techniques include fiber reinforced polymer liners, slip lining, cured-in-place pipe, segmental lining/sleeves, chemical grouting, and external repairs, such as post-tensioning and reinforced concrete encasement
  • Preparation of construction documents for repair and rehabilitation

Construction administration services include:

  • Submittal, RFI, and change order review
  • Field engineering support during repair and rehabilitation work
  • Engineering support to contractors
  • Quality assurance testing