Reliability-Based Framework for Determination of Fitness for Service of Corroding Metal Pipes

March 30, 2012

Steel pipelines, whether buried in the ground or exposed to the atmosphere, are susceptible to corrosion, which may impact their structural integrity. Pipeline failures can be catastrophic, especially for pipelines that transport hazardous materials. Maintenance actions, however, are often deferred following detection of localized corrosion due to operational requirements and financial constraints. Consequently, pipeline owners are often confronted with decisions as to whether a corroded pipe is still fit for service with an acceptable reliability or what is the remaining service life of the pipe before it poses a serious threat to public safety. The methodology presented in this paper to predict remaining service life of pressurized steel pipelines can be used to support decisions related to continued safe pipe operation and optimal pipe inspection intervals and maintenance schedules.

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ASCE Structures Congress 2012

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