PIANC WG235 Oceangoing Ship Data for Port Planning and Design

September 22, 2022

Almost every PIANC MarCom report that deals with sea going vessels has a certain table with design vessels in it. As a lot of these tables are written by the specific working group, there are differences between design vessels in many MarCom reports. It is very beneficial if all reports would use the same design vessels such that one can design a harbour mouth, a harbour basin, a mooring configuration with specific bollards, and specific fenders all related to the same design vessel. To resolve this, a first table of design vessels is created and presented in this paper. The table is produced under working group 211 “Fender Design Guidelines” but contains input from other affected working groups. In the development of WG235, PIANC has taken the opportunity to include additional data on wind areas, mooring winch numbers, manifold locations, and the like. To be able to benefit as soon as possible from this table, WG235 will be released separately before the WG211. The intention of MarCom is to regularly update this table in the future to obtain a central shipping list for all reports.

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