Diaphragm Behavior of Deconstructable Composite Floor Systems

July 1, 2015

This study investigates the seismic behavior of deconstructable composite steel/concrete floor systems consisting of precast concrete planks and deconstructable clamping connections attaching the planks to the steel floor beams. The system is proposed to promote sustainable design of composite steel/concrete floor systems in steel buildings via reuse of the structural steel and concrete components at the end of the useful life of buildings. Finite element models representing a full-scale diaphragm were developed and analyzed. The load-displacement curves under cyclic loading present ductile diaphragm behavior of the proposed system under seismic loading. This behavior could be attributed to the observed limit states that include relative movement between adjacent planks and slip of the clamps that connect the steel girder and the girder plank, both of which occur after the frictional resistance is overcome.

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8th International Conference on Behavior of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas

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