Proving Ground: Performance Mock-Ups as Proof of Concept and Constructability Tools

October 5, 2021

Design solutions must be buildable in the real world. Facade design intent, geometry, and materials must come together in a way that allows structural loading, environmental protection, and optimal long-term performance. Performance mock-ups bridge the gap between conceptual design and construction and allow project teams to test expectations and fine-tune plans prior to installation. This step is particularly important when working with innovative facade designs that incorporate new materials or complex integrations between various standard assemblies.

A performance mock-up is commonly understood as a tool to test previously untested cladding and glazing assemblies. However, it can also be a valuable tool for understanding constructability, sequencing, and integration detailing. Transition detailing, in particular, is unique to each project. Although the design may include transition concepts and shop drawings may be carefully detailed, getting the systems to work together can be a challenge and result in unintended design changes, as well as schedule and cost impacts during construction.

In this paper, I will explore how performance mock-ups translate design intricacies into constructable assemblies, and ultimately, a successful project. I will discuss laboratory and on-site mock-ups and how to make the most of each, including strategies for planning, timing, testing, and follow-through.

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IIBEC International Convention & Trade Show, 2021

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