Phillip Sharff

Flip Sharff



Phillip Sharff is a structural consultant specializing in the performance of underground structures, piping systems, building and mechanical components, industrial structures, and structural materials.  He has conducted numerous studies using the finite-element method to analyze structural behavior and to investigate structural failures.  Mr. Sharff has led many failure investigations of buried structures, building components, piping, and structural plastics materials, often involving forensic field studies, laboratory testing programs, structural analysis, and expert testimony.  He has provided design and construction administration of repairs and rehabilitations of distressed and damaged underground structures and building components.  Mr. Sharff has published articles and written reports on his work related to structural and materials performance, including the effects of chemical exposure, creep, and fatigue on the performance of structural plastics and composites.  Mr. Sharff has ten years of previous experience in construction contracting for pipeline and civil works.