Mohamed Talaat

mohamed talaat

Senior Project Manager


Mohamed Talaat has years of experience in structural engineering and as a researcher both at the University of California, Berkeley and at Cairo University. As an engineer, his work includes the design and peer review of new structures, seismic evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings, and finite element simulation of structural components. As a researcher at UC Berkeley, he studied the behavior under extreme seismic loading of non-ductile concrete and masonry structures and developed analytical models for computer simulation of progressive collapse during earthquakes. As a researcher at Cairo University, he studied the applicability of piezoelectric sensor technology to non-destructive electronic health-monitoring of concrete structures. He has worked with concrete, steel, and wood frame construction and has developed experience with linear and nonlinear structural analysis techniques. In addition to his engineering work, he has lectured at both UC Berkeley and Cairo University, and maintains a strong interest in research and teaching.