Joseph Antebi

Consulting Principal


Dr. Joseph Antebi received his B.A. in Mechanical Sciences from England’s Cambridge University and both his S.M. and Sc.D. in Structural Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  In 1963, he joined Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH), where he specializes in designing, analyzing, and investigating telescopes and antennae.  Some of his more notable projects include performing conceptual studies on and creating the preliminary design of the optical support structure for the novel six-mirror Multiple Mirror Telescope, Mt. Hopkins, AZ, and later its conversion to a telescope with a single 6.5 m primary mirror for Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, the design of a deformable subreflector to upgrade MIT’s 37 m Haystack radio-radar telescope to operate at 100+ GHz, conceptual development through to final design of a replacement 37 m dia. elevation structure for the upgrade of Haystack radio/radar telescope to obtain a surface accuracy of 100 microns rms in the 10° to 40° elevation range, and the design of the welded azimuth track for the 50 m LMT radio telescope for the University of Massachusetts and INAOE of Mexico.  Dr. Antebi is active in the American Society of Civil Engineers and the International Society for Optical Engineering.