Frederic Grant

fred grant

Senior Project Manager


Fred Grant is a Senior Project Manager in SGH’s Engineering Mechanics and Infrastructure division in Orange County, CA.  He has fifteen years of structural mechanics engineering experience specializing in structural dynamics, seismic engineering, structural design, probabilistic risk analysis, and applied research.  He has led complex and challenging projects for a variety of infrastructure applications, including commercial and government nuclear facilities, high-tech transportation technology development, and conventional electric power generation and transmission.  His expertise in seismic evaluation of nuclear facilities includes seismic probabilistic risk assessment (SPRA), seismic fragility analysis, seismic margin assessment, experience-based seismic evaluation methods, walkdown of existing facilities, and probabilistic and deterministic seismic response analysis of structures.  Mr. Grant’s experience includes seismic response analyses, seismic fragility evaluations, and walkdowns at multiple domestic and international nuclear plants for the post-Fukushima SPRA effort, including Doel, Tihange, Darlington, Indian Point, Oconee, Robinson, and Vogtle.  He has made meaningful contributions to advancing the state of practice through his applied research activities, and is a primary author on several of EPRI’s latest seismic fragility technical guidance documents, including:

  • EPRI 3002012994, Seismic Fragility and Seismic Margin Guidance for Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessments

  • EPRI 3002015993, Loss of Offsite Power Seismic Fragility Guidance

  • EPRI 3002015988, Seismic Fragility Guidance for Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Steam Supply System NSSS Components

  • EPRI 3002011627, 3002013017, and 3002015996, Updated Equipment Seismic Capacities from Experience Data for Use in the Fragility Calculations - Phases I, II, and III