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David Artigas

Senior Project Manger
New York, NY 212.271.6940

David Niles

Applied Science & Research Technician III
Waltham, MA 781.907.9106

David Jacoby

Engineering Mechanics and Infrastructure Division Head, Fire Engineering
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New York, NY 212.271.6950

David Gonzalez

Senior Principal
Newport Beach, CA 949.930.2915

David McCormick

Senior Principal
Oakland, CA 415.343.3032

David Peck

Graphics Manager
Waltham, MA 781.907.9363

David Williams

Talent Acquisition Manager
Waltham, MA 781.907.9032

David Darwin

David Zavala

David Ribbans

Consulting Engineer
New York, NY 212.271.6978

David Smith

Senior BIM Technician
Washington, DC 202.772.4131

David Goodin

Senior BIM Technician
Oakland, CA 415.343.3062

David Padilla-Llano

Senior Project Consultant
Washington, DC

David Martin

Associate Project Consultant
Washington, DC

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