Our People

We are people of high character and diverse talents who work hard and laugh often.

Create New Connections

Successful cultures thrive on partnership and collaboration. 

We foster an environment that embraces learning and trust, collaboration and respect, wellness and reward. As part of our team, you will engage with senior leaders and grow with peers who love their work, care about their colleagues, and strive to be outstanding in everything they do. Together, you will help each other through a complex project, compete during a round of golf at our annual tournament, and toast your success at our office celebrations.

Learn and Grow

Curious engineers and scientists never stop asking questions. 

We are committed to lifelong learning. Our team members advance the state of our profession and improve our understanding of design and construction by seeking out new knowledge and encouraging others to push boundaries. At SGH, you will grow through on-the-job, real-world experiences, bolstered by our network of experts and peers. We support and enhance your career development with a range of activities, from mentorship and training opportunities to innovation competitions and company-wide symposia.