Scott Bondi

Staff Consultant


Scott Bondi is a consultant with a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and has extensive experience in building enclosure design, building physics, and in numerical analysis.  His experience includes work on high-rise commercial and residential buildings, museums, healthcare, educational, and industrial facilities.  Scott consults on both, new construction and historic renovation projects, from the conceptual design stages through to construction administration.  In addition, he is experienced in providing forensic engineering services, as well as expert witness support for both building enclosure and mechanical systems.  His facade design experience includes a variety of building cladding types, from custom unitized curtain walls, structural glass walls, glass fin supported systems, to rainscreen cladding systems that include timber, stone, and metal panels.  He has also designed custom glass structures, including all glass canopies and stair cases.  Scott has extensive experience in using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict the structural performance of customized systems, including non-linear analysis using advanced tools such as LS-DYNA. Specializing in building physics and numerical analysis, Scott uses a variety of advanced tools including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and FEA to support his design and investigative work.  He has used CFD to analyze flow problems for a range of applications including failures in industrial plant facilities; to design, analyze, and optimize building mechanical systems; and to assist in design of building facades with stringent energy goals and environmental condition criteria, including predicting occupant comfort and building enclosure condensation risk  He has also performed analyses using energy modeling tools to predict overall building performance, with a focus on the impact of facade systems.  Scott is an Adjunct Professor at The Cooper Union in New York City, where he has lectured and developed courses in Finite Element techniques, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Solid Mechanics.