Structural Investigation

When structural systems perform poorly or fail, clients need accurate answers to important and often difficult questions. These questions address technical causes – the physical explanation of what went wrong; and procedural causes – why it happened and who is responsible. Accurate answers to these questions require thorough investigations led by individuals with outstanding technical knowledge and first-hand experience in design and construction.


SGH investigators use a disciplined approach to fact gathering and analysis which produces accurate findings that withstand the toughest scrutiny. We apply the fundamentals of analysis and design procedures, knowledge of construction processes and techniques, awareness of cost and scheduling constraints to our investigation of building and structure failures. Our approach includes the following:

  • Disciplined, systematic process of collecting facts and then forming and testing hypotheses
  • Consideration of multidisciplinary issues and applying our broad experience to bring appropriate expertise for each assignment
  • Development of fair and defensible opinions on standard of care issues
  • Clear articulation of findings with unbiased and factual information
  • Delivery of accurate, comprehensive, and convincing written reports, oral presentations, and expert testimony, when necessary
  • Our staff develops and advances design and investigative practices through industry participation. This includes a role in establishing the American Society of Civil Engineers Technical Council on Forensic Engineering.

We offer:

  • Broad experience with structural systems and materials combined with practical design experience
  • Field investigation capabilities that include destructive and nondestructive techniques provided by top investigative personnel who witness conditions in the field first hand
  • Sophisticated analysis techniques that address analytical challenges arising from an investigation
  • Advanced in-house laboratory and materials science group that performs structural testing, materials analysis, concrete petrography, and durability assessment