Building Enclosure Rehabilitation

SGH applies decades of building technology, repair experience, and proven methods of investigation to resolve roofing and waterproofing problems.  Our client base is diverse and includes building owners, attorneys, contractors, and architects who look to SGH to provide well articulated and technically sound solutions.  SGH strengths include the following:

  • Mastery of individual roofing and waterproofing components, systems, and materials
  • Understanding of how to best integrate individual components to create an effective waterproofing system
  • The ability to work within the parameters of the client’s risk tolerance and budget to provide the most appropriate and effective waterproofing solution 
  • Design and material understanding combined with solid structural expertise that allows architects and owners to implement unique designs 
  • Unparalleled investigative capabilities in building technology, including in‑house laboratory analysis and in situ testing that uncovers the sources, not just the symptoms, of leakage 
  • Historic preservation experience with an understanding of traditional building techniques and the ability to design effective repairs by balancing preservation of historic fabric with contemporary repairs
  • Leadership roles in education and  industry organizations, such as ASTM International, to help shape the evolution of waterproofing practices