Building Enclosure Design

The building enclosure is composed of the below-grade and exterior walls, fenestration, and roofing systems. A well-designed enclosure provides reliable and durable barriers to control water, air, moisture, and heat flow. Additionally, the enclosure plays an important role in energy efficiency through its interaction with the outside environment and the building’s heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. SGH leverages our experience investigating and rehabilitating building enclosures to develop thoughtful and creative solutions for building enclosure design and construction challenges. 




SGH collaborates with architects, owners, and contractors, who rely on the coordinated services of our structural, building enclosure, materials, mechanical, and fire/life safety engineers; architects; and energy consultants to provide building enclosure consulting, including the following:


Design Phase Services

  • Developing desired performance requirements

  • Assisting with system selection and coordinating between systems

  • Collaborating with designers to realize enclosure design goals

  • Evaluating enclosure performance with mechanical, lighting, and other building systems

  • Peer reviewing construction documents to assess water, air, thermal, and vapor barrier continuity and performance, as well as constructability

  • Evaluating energy use and heat/moisture flow

  • Developing enclosure mockup requirements and testing protocols


Construction Phase Services

  • Comparing contractor bids to performance requirements

  • Evaluating value-engineering proposals and product substitutions

  • Reviewing calculations for curtain walls and other cladding elements

  • Observing laboratory testing and field quality assurance testing of mockups and installed systems

  • Helping resolve performance problems

  • Observing building enclosure construction to compare with the project intent, contract documents, and approved shop drawings

  • Helping review submittals and shop drawings for enclosure materials, systems, and assembly to evaluate compliance with project requirements

  • Assisting with construction administration, including coordination and preconstruction meetings, site visits, identification and tracking of items requiring correction, and final review and testing of systems