U.S. Embassy New Office Annex, Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

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U.S. Embassy New Office Annex, Moscow, Russia
U.S. Embassy New Office Annex, Moscow, Russia

Photo by HOK

U.S. Embassy New Office Annex, Moscow, Russia

Photo by HOK

In a new 242,000 sq ft building addition to the existing U.S. Embassy complex in Moscow, the government adds a consular section, work areas for 300 employees, and function space. The design incorporates U.S. Department of State Design Excellence standards and sustainability initiatives in a high-performance, blast-resistant facade that minimizes heat transfer, while maximizing natural daylighting. SGH consulted on the building enclosure detailing and laboratory performance mockup testing for the curtain wall systems.

Scope | Solutions

The primary facade systems comprise a custom, blast-resistant, unitized curtain wall system with glass sunshades and terra-cotta baguettes; a terra-cotta rainscreen; and a custom forced entry and ballistic-rated curtain wall at the ground level. SGH assisted HOK with the design and performance evaluation of construction mockups of these facade systems. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Reviewed the facade system design with respect to airtightness, watertightness, thermal performance, condensation resistance, and constructability

  • Observed construction of the laboratory performance mockup in Istanbul, Turkey, and York, Pennsylvania, and provided recommendations to improve performance

  • Witnessed airtightness, watertightness (under static and dynamic loads), and structural performance testing of the mockups

  • Helped the design team address challenges associated with critical air/water seals within the facade systems and develop details to integrate the various enclosure systems

  • Observed fabrication and quality control processes at the curtain wall manufacturing facility in Istanbul, Turkey

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