University of the District of Columbia Plaza
University of the District of Columbia Plaza
University of the District of Columbia Plaza

The University of the District of Columbia wanted to renovate the Theater of the Arts building and address ongoing leakage at the same time. The theater building adjoins and lies partially beneath three overlapping elevated plazas with integral planters, staircases, and adjacent structures. SGH investigated leakage and designed repairs.

Scope | Solutions

SGH assessed the condition of the building enclosure and surrounding features, water tested to identify leakage paths, and made observations at exploratory openings to document concealed construction. We identified waterproofing deficiencies, drainage issues, and deterioration of the surrounding concrete structures.

SGH presented our findings to the project architect and the university’s construction personnel. We then designed repairs, including the following:

  • Removing and replacing waterproofing at building walls, multiple plaza levels, planters, and stairs

  • Installing new plaza topping slabs to protect the waterproofing

  • Improving drainage

  • Repairing deteriorated concrete on plaza decks

  • Removing and replacing badly deteriorated concrete stairs, stair walls, and  the plaza slab-on-grade

The complicated plaza configuration around the theater building made these areas difficult for UDC to access. By providing UDC with a comprehensive and long-term plaza rehabilitation, we helped them protect their newly renovated theater and minimize their future maintenance burden.

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