Constructing this single-family residence required excavating 30 ft down to accommodate two subgrade levels. The excavation extended approximately 100 ft between adjacent lot lines. SGH was the structural engineer for the proposed building structure and provided structural design and construction engineering services for the support of excavation.

Scope | Solutions

Highlights of our work on the support of excavation include the following:

  • Evaluating various options for the 30 ft cut, including soil tie-back anchors, diagonal raker system, and the ultimately selected cross-lot bracing system

  • Designing the soldier pile and lagging system with interior cross-lot bracing

  • Preparing construction sequencing specifications

  • Performing preconstruction condition assessments of the existing adjacent properties

  • Providing recommendations for surveying and monitoring vibration, including instrumenting adjacent properties and establishing reasonable threshold values

  • Performing periodic evaluation of movement and vibration during construction

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