Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal

Constructed between 1903 and 1913 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Grand Central Terminal is a monumental Beaux-Arts Neo-Classical building designed by Warren & Wetmore.  As part of a major renovation, SGH investigated roof and skylight leakage and general material degradation.

Scope | Solutions

After thorough investigation, including extensive sampling and water testing, SGH developed a rehabilitation program for the roofs and skylights to address:

  • Fractured copper roofing as a result of thermal expansion/contraction that was not accommodated by the original design details
  • Decades of “mastic” repairs that compromised ornamental copper details
  • Broken skylight glass and skylights that were still partially covered with “black-out” building paper, a relic of World War II air raid precautions

We prepared plans and specifications, monitored the construction, and developed quality control inspection procedures for the repairs that included:

  • Restoration of the rooftop stamped copper frieze with the installation of a concealed waterproofing membrane inside the copper enclosure to preserve the important ornamental element without sacrificing the building’s watertight integrity
  • In-kind replacement of the batten seam copper roofing incorporating proper movement joints to ensure reliable and durable performance
  • Replacement of skylight glazing to restore the light transmission of the original skylight, while providing impact resistance, condensation control, and energy efficiency consistent with current standards 

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