Photo by Karl Connolly

Baltimore Center Stage

Baltimore, MD




2018 Historic Preservation Award for Adaptive Reuse, Baltimore Heritage
Baltimore Center Stage

Photo by Karl Connolly

Baltimore Center Stage

Photo by Karl Connolly

Looking to position themselves as a leading performing arts destination, Baltimore Center Stage undertook an extensive transformation project. As the structural engineer of record, we designed structural modifications to support a major renovation and construction of a new vertical addition.

Scope | Solutions

SGH acquired this project as part of our acquisition of Keast & Hood’s Washington, DC, office. Keast & Hood was responsible for the project through construction documents. SGH provided construction administration services the project. At all times, Matthew J. Daw, former employee of Keast & Hood and current employee of SGH, was the principal in charge of the project.

We collaborated with the owner and design team to develop creative solutions to accomplish the proposed modifications, while retaining as much of the original components as possible. We investigated the existing structure and designed new structures and modifications, including the following:

  • Lobby. The first-floor lobby was converted to a two-story space. We designed supplemental framing to support the floor opening.

  • Head Theater Balcony. The Head Theater was renovated to accommodate flexible seating and a new balcony. We designed new steel beams to fit within the existing floor profile and support loads from the balcony. We also specified neoprene pads to isolate the new framing from the existing concrete planks and reduce sound transmission into the theater.

  • Grand Stair. A new grand stair provides access to the balcony. We performed a vibration analysis and designed an outrigger at the stair landing to limit vibrations.

  • Education Center and Costume Shop. We designed the structure for a vertical addition housing education center and costume shop. We designed new footings supported on micropiles and strengthening of existing columns to accommodate the increased loads from the addition.

  • Miscellaneous Repairs. We designed repairs to damaged floor framing and designed remedial support, including lintels and infill masonry for openings in masonry walls uncovered during construction.

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