The Arcade Residences, 1135 W Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL


Hirsh MPG


The Arcade Residences
The Arcade Residences
The Arcade Residences

The Arcade Residences is a seven-story mixed-use building near Loyola University. The development includes fifty-eight apartments with a variety of layouts, ground-level retail, and below-grade parking. With a serrated stone facade, the building stands out in its Edgewater neighborhood. SGH was the structural engineer for the building, constructed with prefabricated, load-bearing steel stud wall panels supported on a steel-framed podium.

Scope | Solutions

SGH collaborated with the project team, including Hirsh MPG, the architect, and EL, the facade designer to design the structure. Highlights of our work include the following:

  • Developing options for supporting the excavation that also address complex conditions related to demolishing the existing building on the project site and adjacent structures scheduled to remain

  • Designing the foundation to support lateral earth loads due to temporary construction loads and permanent loads from an adjacent five-story masonry building

  • Designing the structure, including the steel-framed podium, concrete masonry unit shear walls, and concrete slabs on steel deck that are painted and exposed as the finished ceiling inside the apartment units

  • Coordinating with specialty consultants for the prefabricated, cold-formed steel wall panels and aluminum rail facade support system spanning between floor slabs

  • Working with the architect to achieve the required fire rating for various structural components, including steel beams supporting the floor construction and penetrations through bearing walls

  • Designing the steel canopy feature and support for storefront system

  • Providing construction-phase services, including reviewing contractor submittals, visiting the site to observe ongoing construction, and helping the project team address field conditions

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