Norco, CA

Hotel California, California Rehabilitation Center


Immortalized by the Eagles as Hotel California, the former resort is the namesake for the song and the rehabilitation facility where the lead singer wrote the lyrics during his treatment there. Constructed in the 1920s as the Norconian Resort, the hotel was converted into a Naval hospital during World War II.  In 1962, the state received the property and opened the California Rehabilitation Center. After years of extensive water damage and general neglect, Hotel California experienced significant deterioration.  To help the state respond to a federal decision condemning the facility, SGH worked with the Department of Corrections and Kitchell CEM to perform a condition survey of the historic structure and assess its earthquake risks.

The 200,000 sq ft Mission Revival-style building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  In 1942, the U.S. Navy constructed Building 107 (Wards A, B, and C) and two additions (Wards 1 and 2) as they converted the hotel into a hospital and treatment facility. Each of the long, narrow wings are cast-in-place, reinforced concrete structures, varying in height from four to five stories.


SGH reviewed original drawings, assessed existing conditions, and conducted a preliminary seismic evaluation. We concluded that although the building had sustained some damage and did not conform to modern standards for seismic resistance, it did not represent a severe seismic risk and conformed to criteria adopted by the State of California for existing buildings. SGH recommended repairs to address leakage and prevent additional deterioration. The state was successful in using this data to keep the facility operational.

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Ronald Hamburger
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