Manufacturing & Industrial

SGH provides cross-disciplinary structural, geotechnical, civil, materials science, marine, and fire safety engineering services to petrochemical processing plants, power generation plants, and other industrial facilities. We combine our experience in design, repair, and retrofit with our understanding of the dynamic operational requirements of industrial facilities.

SGH designs, investigates, rehabilitates, and retrofits structures, systems, and configurations at industrial facilities around the world. Our services include:

  • Structural design of new industrial plants, including process and motor control buildings, chemical labs, substations, and compressor buildings
  • Design and rehabilitation of specialty structures, including storage and process tanks, pressure vessels, vertical and horizontal vessels, and exchanger structures
  • Design of blast-resistant structures, including high-risk process and control buildings
  • Design and evaluation of warehouses, conveying support systems, and rack systems
  • Design and repair of concrete floors, including superflat floors
  • Design of shallow and deep foundations for diverse structures and equipment, including fired heaters, flare stacks, pumps, compressors, and exchangers
  • Design of pipe ways and pipe racks
  • Failure risk assessment, evaluation, and rehabilitation of pipelines
  • Civil engineering, including design of plant roads, site grading, site drainage, and process area paving
  • Seismic engineering, including seismic criteria development, risk assessment, and base isolation feasibility studies and design
  • Materials engineering for high-performance applications, specialty metals, and fiber composite applications
  • Metallurgical, chemical, petrographic, and failure analyses of materials
  • Durability analysis, testing, and predictive STADIUM-based modeling
  • Fire safety engineering, including design and failure analysis of fire protection systems
  • Marine engineering, including design and rehabilitation of terminals and wharves
  • Engineering for heavy lifting and hauling