Using ACI 562 to Determine the Strengthening Requirements of a 42nd Story Rooftop Sundeck

April 6, 2017
Publication: Structures Congress 2017
Author(s): Jared Brewe

After years of wear and neglect, a 42nd Story rooftop sundeck was so badly deteriorated the building occupants no longer utilized the space. During the sundeck rehabilitation, the condominium association elected to change the finishes, which resulted in increased superimposed dead loads and triggered a structural assessment. The current building code required significantly higher design live loads for the sundeck and significant structural strengthening. The application of ACI 562 resulted in less strengthening to existing structural members to permit the increase in superimposed dead loads. Key take-aways from this presentation will include:

  • Using ACI 562 to access an existing structure
  • Evaluating original building code vs. current building code demands
  • Determining strengthening requirements for deficient reinforced concrete elements
Keywords: Code Compliance